Monday, August 6, 2018

Of Intangible Imprints

It's peach and blueberry season. yay(two of my all-time food favs!)
 But even with peaches and blueberries we need to practice moderation 
(unless we enjoy an old-fashioned stomach-ache...believe me. I know this to be true!😏)

Since My Scare a few weeks ago I have not touched cold cereal but returned to
the safety of oatmeal 'mush' with fresh fruit, ground flax seed and a drizzle of maple-syrup!

Press well your barefoot paperweight
On pages printed with soon-past
Where morning flings ajar its gate
And ushers in the ‘break of fast’
Where peaches drip and blossoms slip
From buds that cannot clench the wreath
Hoisted to bloom a little bit
Before it strews the dust beneath
Where what we hold is like a flow’r
Soon kissing pages dripped with peach
As the impressions of an hour
Scatter imprints beyond our reach

© Janet Martin

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