Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Aren't you SO glad, after nights that feel like this...

 We wake up in the morning feeling like this...?!

Glad for goodness rife with mercy
Glad for hope and strength regained
Overflowing in the morning
Where at night its cup was drained

Glad for more important purpose
Than mere Self to satisfy
Glad this grin-and-bear-it progress
Reaches through both grave and sky

Glad my sentimental musing
Is the gift of ‘having had’
Glad those things not of my choosing
Make me treasure more ‘the glad’

© Janet Martin

...and this morning my foremost thought is
"I'm glad to be alive!!!
after a TERRIBLE choking scare yesterday on a mouthful of Life cereal!
(the irony lost on me (because it shook me up so bad) 
'til I told Jim last night and he said that would have made quite the headline
"woman chokes to death on Life Cereal"
I was here alone with Brantley and had skipped lunch 
so I could finish the garden work while he was asleep.

After he woke up I remembered I didn't eat so I poured a bowl of cereal and I think I likely just put too much in my mouth 'cause I was in a hurry and when Life cereal gets wet it turns into paste
and it would not move up or down. Thankfully it moved just as I thought I was going to black out
(I will spare you the gross details)
so I have researched what to do when you are alone and choking!
The moral of this story; slow down and chew your food!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! & sincerely so glad you are still with us, hale and hearty to boot. I must say, your hubby & mine are cut from the same cloth...I think it's the kind they use to make crazy quilts :-)

    1. Cyndy, it was awful and I am so glad to be here and say hi to you! yes, I think our hubbies are cut from the same cloth...I've always been extremely grateful for his um....craziness;-)(aren't you?!) for me it keeps my 'seriousness' balanced!

  2. Oh, no, Janet, so sorry this happened to you! So happy you're okay.
    And since you are okay, I must say your husband's joke is funny :)

    1. thank-you Sasha! I'm so thankful and I realize since this happened I have a habit of eating too fast or not chewing well enough! yes, his joke adds a little smiles to the awful episode!

  3. Janet!! This is the stuff of nightmares- I’m so sorry but glad you’re okay and keeping your dark humour in place

    1. Trish, thank-you!yes, it is a nightmare and its messing with my head a little, worried it wiull happen again!!!
      I'm still not quite over it but can grin a little at the choke oops I mean joke! lol! Trying to chew more often before I swallow as well!


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