Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Golden Sum of It

 Yesterday a friend brought me these as a thank-you for watching her little ones for a while.
They are like sunbeams in my kitchen!...or sum-beans. You choose;-))
...and she told me I may keep the vase because she knew I would love it.

My, moments meld with mist-soft ease
A medley spelled in memories
As what we hold for one wee bit
Is soon the golden sum of it
And nothing stays the same for long
But finds its place in yester-song
Where new Today beams on our face
In melodies of moment-grace

My, what a little life this is
A bitty hold and hug and kiss
Before the folding of the deep
Dissolves what not a one can keep
While moments meld with Yesteryear
And gather what we once held near
As we fumble with age-old ways
…a constant exodus of days

© Janet Martin

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