Friday, August 12, 2016

Plea From/For We Who Love to Live...

Lord, teach us how to teach and love
And make this our plea
That undecided hearts will move
And make a choice for thee

Lord, teach us so that in return
We do not misguide youth
How awful to live, but not learn
The Salvation of truth

Lord, teach us as we have and hold
These days, but not for long
The Way, not ways, that lead to God
When this small life is gone

© Janet Martin

For we who love gardening this is a glorious time of year as we chop-chop fresh ingredients into dinner-delights! 

This got me to thinking about what we do with the bare ingredients of life…
what are we making with them? 

There is so much we can make but choosing the right ingredients will be the difference between success or failure…delight or despair…life or death.

 Lord, teach us how to choose the right ingredients so we may make a worthy Little While.

About the salad: 
I love this easy, healthy dish of assorted beans and chick peas then add some of these veggies or all: celery, onion, peppers, zucchini, cucumber. 
Delicious without dressing or toss lightly with your favorite oil/vinegar dressing. 
Add tomatoes only to the amount you are serving immediately, rather than the whole bowl because it spoils a lot more quickly with tomatoes.
Otherwise this salad, if kept refrigerated, keeps for nearly a week. 
If you forget its still in the fridge after a week the smell will help you remember;-0!!

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