Sunday, August 21, 2016

Our Mother-ness

We have no idea then
When we first begin
Of the do’s and don’ts
Of mothering

We have no idea
So we cuddle and fuss
And ooh and a-ah
And snuggle and kiss
While you coo and w-a-a
We sing and rock
And pat and soothe
Around the clock
And never dream
While we learn
And you teach
How far heartstrings
And faith
Must reach

While you learn to walk
We learn how to pray
While you learn to talk
We learn what not to say
While you learn to fly
Ah, we learn about trust
While you learn how to live
We learn how to love

© Janet Martin

This poem was inspired by today's poem (which I love, LOVE) on YDP entitled Your Babyness
It made me contemplate Our Motherness

One of my 'babies' turns 22 tomorrow...her golden birthday!

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