Monday, August 22, 2016

One More Try

 Yup, on we go, for better or worse, but by the grace of God!
Hope it's a good one, all!
I'm off to make a birthday-cake and then a birthday supper!
I'll share the menu later because as the German phrase goes ,
'Goot guplanned is holva kshafft'
(just guessing at the spelling)
Loosely translated...
'A good plan is half the work'
I think I've got the 'good plan' but it is still at the mercy of the worker...

On we go,
While ebb and flow
Of dawn to dusk
Dwindles our days
As past expands
Its Never-lands
And future refills
Morning’s trays

On we go,
Now high, now low
The rise and fall
Of live and learn
Carves from its care
A thoroughfare
Falling where no one
Can return

On we go
A new hello
Spills through the dark
And fills the sky
Thank-you Lord
That you reward
Our woeful score
With one more try

© Janet Martin

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