Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Of Kindred Must

While many come to truck-tractor-pulls for noise and fumes,

my sister-in-law and I agreed we mostly come with our hubbies to watch people, 
and as we did it struck me how I hardly saw anyone alone, all with whoever they came with or met there!

Let’s not pretend we’re brave
‘cause oh, we know we’re not
Ability and what we have
Is but by grace of God

The facade that we wore
When we were younger then
Has thinned into the truth of yore
We all are ‘one of them’

Darling, pretense is vain
And the first-fruit of pride
Why won’t we just be honest then...
We have nothing to hide

For we all make mistakes
We all have much to learn
And none of us has what it takes
To walk this way alone

Let’s not pretend we’re brave
How sad to be a fraud
Because ‘we’ are all that we have
This, by the grace of God

Then, let's be the best 'we'
This is our greatest Must
A helping, loving family
Of common, kindred dust

© Janet Martin


  1. Speaking of kindred, I LOVE that y'all are honest about people-watching being the real entertainment!

    1. p-s-s-s-t. just between us, I do it everywhere! Mall, coffee-shop, restaurant, grocery-store, beach...people are just SO interesting;-)The peripheral vision is a mighty handy thing for this hobby!


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