Monday, August 15, 2016

Of Everyday Awe

Sometimes I feel like I live at the kitchen sink, but its all because of scenes like this...
...and they remind me how truly blessed we are!

I love how things oft seen can still steal our breath away
And how life’s common happiness anoints each day we live
And I am ever grateful for the way time can amaze
Us with its ordinariness; the best it has to give

Why do we wish, so foolish-like when life whispers, ‘I’m dull’
Then sudden loss reminds us how full our pockets are
I love it when we whisper to our hearts ‘just be thankful’
Then, though ev’rything seems the same, it is transformed somehow

I love the way the wise men of this world don’t ask for much
But try to make the most of what they have; live-laugh-love-learn
I love the way a common day can slip through our touch
And leave within its wake an ache for its never-return

I love the clock, yet loathe it, young and old beneath its lock
As good and ill are ushered in, in moments softly sealed
Now-here-now-gone it seems to say with ev’ry tick and tock
Where we stay caught between The Seen and The Still Unrevealed

We live most of our lives in what might seem rather mundane
Off to market then home again, a clean-cook treasure-trove
I love how things oft seen that might seem quite common and plain
Can steal our breath and make us feel like kings because of love

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, I've been catching up on my blog reading and what a delightful buffet of lovely photos and thoughtful words you've been offering ... it all comes together as a feast for eyes and heart.

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Brenda, So nice to see you! someday I hope to do some catch-up reading too! esp. your trip to England. I'm waiting until I can truly enjoy my 'trip' through your blog posts though I confess to a few sneak-peeks!

      This summer its days feel like a load of laundry on spin cycle or tumble-dry!


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