Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Midsummer Medley

The marsh is a palace
Of wild-fashioned grace
The ditch is a princess
Decked in Queen Ann’s Lace

The air is a-titter
With cricket-bird hymn
The orchard a-glitter
With fruit-jeweled limb

The world is a canvas
Unfurled in God-art
Each hour a flower
Lent straight from His heart

The sink’s full of dishes
And bubbles and such
The prayer full of wishes
Not ready for touch

The wind is a rover
It ripples the wheat
And tickles the clover
With fancy-free feet

The shade spreads a blanket
For picnics or books
The landscape is hungry
For long second looks

Wonder dazzles Duty
Oh, how the heart sings
Surprised by the beauty
Of everyday things

© Janet Martin


  1. Every day has a little magic!!!**********

  2. Hi!
    Yes, every day has its magic and all we need is to look for it! Even on the hum-drum, wow-its-hot-especially-by-the-canning-pot days!


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