Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lucky Girl...(or but-by-the-grace-of-God-girl)

The reason I like to try to write to prompts is because 'writing to order' can be quite a challenge. Yesterday's Poetic Bloomings prompt was called Potluck. 
Choose any form we enjoy and write about luck.

Walt (from Poetic Bloomings) called me Lucky Girl yesterday, so I typed the title
And hoped he was right;-)

Better late than never…

 I find it utterly astounding how a lawn, completely dead-seeming can turn lush and green after a few
drenching's a great metaphor of what happens as we respond to the touch of God.

Lucky Girl

Across the return of spring-like green, surreal
After the laughter of warm August rain
The poet gazes and spins thought’s word-wheel
Willing the whisper of Muse to her brain

Sweet summer morning, unravel a poem
Revive her blight-stricken, heat-smitten mind
Blind her to the kinder duties of home
Where sometimes Poem is so hard to find

Grant this Canuck a bit of Irish luck
Charm Time’s fresh offspring with iambic smile
Humor her hunger with rhymes that don’t suck
Let her be a Lucky Girl for a while

© Janet Martin

(this poem is written strictly for the prompt because I prefer the word grace. 
Luck is such a hopeless word) 

Form: Quatrain 

Poetry Definition of Quatrain

A stanza or poem consisting of four lines. In the basic form, Lines 2 and 4 must rhyme while having a similar number of syllables. 


  1. So sprightly - provided a timely smile (not of iambic variety, tho').
    Thank you!

    1. ;-0 thank-you. I read your blog post and wished for words like that but they were not to be!

    2. p.s. I did snitch the word 'green' from it tho'.


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