Monday, August 29, 2016

Love's Souvenir

 (for all parents with loved ones moving out to return to school)

It is the color of August, bronze-burnished
It is the murmur of sky-high true blue
It is the whisper of hours relinquished
It is the longing in summer’s adieu

It is the almost touching of our fingers
It is the ache of a slow-breaking heart
It is the waft of soft echoes that linger
Where time dismantles its breath-taking art

It is the fading of flower-fringed fencerows
Petal-parts scattered on time’s avenue
It is a tug-of-heart flipside of hellos
It is love’s souvenir;  missing you

© Janet Martin

Melissa doesn't move until Sunday, 
but already I sense an immense missing-you ache...

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