Thursday, August 4, 2016

For What Still Waits To Be...

 Sometimes I think I can make muffins in my sleep, so common is this weekly-or-more-ritual...

 ...but suddenly it struck me how much has changed through my muffin-making years!
The home-from-school-hungry-boy is a young man leaving for work at 7:00 every morning... more mom-can-you-take-me-pick-me-up?

Moms, let's cherish our modest 'mundanes' because nothing stays the same for long...

Nothing remains the same
 For all that seems to stay
Such as the wick that wears dawn’s flame
And twilight snuffs away

...such as rainbows that spill
From bud-anointed loom
To bloom a little bloom until
Its petals fill earth’s tomb

Such as each season-sweep
That flickers but a glance
With splendors that no one can keep
Save perhaps, second chance

Such as life’s give and take
The ache of hold-let-go
Such as the memories we make
From wakes that ebb and flow

The tasks that we perform
Without much thought are such
That they are guaranteed to fall
Beneath Time’s tireless touch

...for poetry of words
Cannot persuade the clock
To linger where the dust is stirred
By foot-loose Goldilocks

No, nothing stays the same
Save this, a common plea
That God will grant His strength and grace
For what still waits to be

© Janet Martin


  1. ohhh to truly treasure the modest mundane moments for all they are..
    trusting Him who bestows them I guess..


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