Wednesday, August 24, 2016

For Introverts...and Extroverts

My natural inclination is to sit in my recliner in my study,
 surrounded by books, and devote myself to them.
Let the world go away. Give me my peace and solitude.
That, and a cup of coffee, is a pleasurable way to pass the time.
 Alan Snyder
 (if you read his blog you will understand being surprised at his admission)

I took one of those free online personality tests to tell me something I already knew...
I'm an introvert:) 

We like to follow Natural Inclination's soothing tones
And pull up a soft blanket in a house of harmony
But, in the end its getting out of our comfort zones
That makes us more than we ever imagined we could be

'Take up your cross and follow me', said He who made us all
For in each one of you I place an indelible Call
And everyone must answer when Time's favor is repealed'

We like to follow Natural Inclination but the Lord
Has given each a work to do, and nobody is spared
So rest a bit and pray a bit and seek hope from His word
Then, by God's grace go forth and do the work He has prepared 

 Janet Martin


  1. That was fun and a good read..also the link to A Snyder..
    Turns out I'm what I always knew I was a A Happy medium:) or an Adventurer on that quiz.. 45% extrovert and 55% intovert..Or what I always say I'm an intovert that needs people:) like we all do I guess. Some interesting thought pondering questions on it..
    Okay enough rambling..back to the garden..:)

  2. Well, if I had a charming and cozy nook like yours, I'd probably want to become an introvert, too - full time! Wonderful words and images, today, Janet. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Poppy:) Thank-you so much for dropping by and for your words.

  3. Your pics had me humming, "...these are a few of my favourite thiiiiings...!". Long live the introverts (in their individual, peaceful nooks)!
    I highly recommend reading "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain. Fascinating cultural look, plus affirming the value of introverts in a society trending evermore toward instant-gratification and speaking before thinking (electronically or otherwise).

    1. you make me smile, and guess what?! My daughter Melissa is reading that book right now! she just told me the other day I should read it...too funny. Definitely will!


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