Friday, June 1, 2012

What is June?

What is June?
June is a ribbon of coral and gold
Brushing the skyline while it is still night
June is maiden so youthful and bold
Flouncing her ringlets in girlish delight
She shakes out her skirts and rampantly spills
Wild-flower gardens over hollow and hill

What is June?
June is a door standing slightly ajar
To glimmer of turquoise and sea-polished shores
She is the threshold we seek from afar
As winter and spring trip across earthen floors
The cry of the gull and the trill of the lark
The song of the robin while it is still dark

What is June?
She is hands outstretched, sweetly running over
With peony, lupine, with daisy and rose
She is a soul-mate, a beautiful lover
Stirring our passion and holding us close
In vast, emerald tides her melody sweeps
Out to the eyes of azure-blue deeps

What is June?
She is a year’s darling; the middle child
The gleaming gem twixt spring and fall
Composer, as her Muse runs wild
Of summer’s haunting madrigal
Whilst from her radiant fingertips
A little glimpse of Heaven slips

© Janet Martin


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