Monday, June 11, 2012

How We Love Thee

Where wild phlox crawls in purple rivers
And azure seas of noon-tide gleam
On green fields rolling to forever
Beneath the sun’s coronal beam
Where butter-cups gold-vessel splendor
Pools on bluffs, on banks and hills
And our shadows, long and slender
On the twilight hour spills

Where the willow’s wanton weeping
Tunes the midnight’s moody moan
Where December’s stream lay sleeping
Now it laughs on mud and stones
Where the strain of sunset vesper
Lingers on the trembled hush
As the stain of heaven’s grandeur
Falls in mercy from its brush

Where the nail-hook says ‘gone fishing’
For these drawn-out days are small
Soon the summer heart is wishing
For the hours preceding fall
Where the heart is humbly happy
As the bumbling, tumbling bee
Imbibed with heady lupine-nectar
Fairest June, how we love thee

© Janet Martin


  1. I love how some of the words were bolded...what inspired that style if I may ask?

  2. the bold words are the words from Sunday Whirl that we are challenged to use in the poem:)

    Thank-you for your visit.

  3. This is so lovely Janet - I found myself humming a hymn but I'll be darned if I can think which one ... the rhyming scheme and the metre worked perfectly and your imagery and word choices ... just beautiful ...

  4. This is so beautifully written! The beginning of the second stanza is such a great image :) Very nicely wordled.

  5. Janet, That was very well written. It was lilting and pastoral; a calming vignette. I love reading your worded wonder. (But, you already knew that...or at least you should!)

  6. A stunning painting in words. You gave June such a glow. My favorite lines; "Pools on bluffs, on banks and hills
    And our shadows, long and slender
    On the twilight hour spills."

  7. I love this one, Janet. June is an awesome open its pages beautifully.


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