Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Flower...

You didn’t say a thing
As I gazed at you
Petal of virgin
Pink, gold, purple, blue

Delicate miracle
Sweetening the breeze
Of red, periwinkle

I am dumb-founded
As I study each gem
Unfolded from emerald
Leaves on a stem

Dazzling in beauty
And none that is greater
Each designed perfectly
By its Creator

You didn’t say a thing
As I studied your face
But I heard the whispering
Of God’s wonder and grace

© Janet Martin

 There is no 'fairest of them all' in God's flower-garden.
He created each of us just as He intended!


  1. "there is no fairest-of-them-all in God's flower-garden." i love that, even though it wasn't really a part of the poem. but the poem is beautiful, too. x

  2. Dana, thank-you so much...I appreciate that you liked that...it was sort of a metaphoric inspiration for this poem as I studied the flowers each perfectly created... Just like us, huh? (even though we might argue that sometimes-wink:)

    Have a lovely day!


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