Saturday, June 30, 2012

Would I?

Would I?
If Christ turned and looked at me
From cries of hatred’s violent clan
Would I stand beside Him or cry fearfully
‘I never knew this man’?

Could I?
If they all stood with arms up-raised
And rocks within their grasp
To stone me; would I declare God’s praise
And to His love hold fast?

Will I?
Will I, in spite of enemies
My Savior’s love defend
And live life’s moments faithfully
For Him until its end?

© Janet Martin


  1. Such beautiful lyrical words that honor Him always...I'm always filled when I visit you, Janet. Thank you!

  2. We can never know, can we? No matter what we say we would do, or declare love for Him, we will never know until the day we might be faced with this. We can take comfort, though, in His forgiveness and love for them, and the understanding all that prevented the forgiveness Judas could have had was his asking, asking with a heart of repentance and love for our God.

  3. Nothing would be possible within us for him but for grace! Emma, I really appreciate your thoughts! So true.

  4. Hannah, my sweet poet friend, thank-you and likewise:)

  5. I do think this is a good question to ask oneself from time to time. Would we really stand up for our Savior if we were put to the test!


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