Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts on Grudges

Holding on to grudges
Elongates grief and bitterness
Letting them go shrinks old wounds
And heals, by time’s caress

Holding on to grudges
Hurts our children
As we deny them the example
Of forgiveness

Holding on to grudges
Is like clinging to a briar-tree
There is no relief from the pain

Holding on to grudges
Robs you of the freedom
To reach out to others

Holding on to grudges
Is energy and opportunity wasted

Holding on to grudges is like drinking poison.
You kill joy

Holding on to grudges
Never works to our good
For we cannot hold a grudge
And still love as we should

If you insist on holding a grudge
Be sure you know the deal
As bitterness can bleed the life from you
And only forgiveness can heal

Grudges are often amplified misunderstandings
Grudges are the fruit of miscommunication
Grudges grow if clung to and die if released

Life is short. Don’t waste it nurturing weeds
A grudge protected and preserved drops dark and evil seeds

Holding on to grudges
depletes us of strength to let go

Holding on to grudges strengthens
our weaknesses

Holding on to grudges
Drains us of

Holding on to grudges
fills us
with everything
contrary to

© Janet Martin


  1. So true. Sad that we often carry this burden, refusing to let go. Life would be so much better without grudges.

    Janet, off topic: did you receive my tweet? I sent you a tweet and got a reply, but it doesn't sound quite like you.. Just want to make sure I'm actually talking to you on Twitter..

  2. Yes, in a perfect world there would be no grudges. Sometimes its easy to cling to them as a sort of justified revenge...but we still end up hurting ourselves and those we love the most.

    Yes, but I just tried to re-tweet;)
    Thanks for reminding me that I have a tweet acc. and for your dear encouragement! I appreciate you.


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