Saturday, June 23, 2012

With Heart wide Open

Too often I do not even notice
This gift you give to me
But trample coldly on it
And I don’t thank you properly
For this miracle of beauty
I ought always to embrace
As your mercy lays before me
Another day of grace

© Janet Martin

Prayer: God, help us to see the beauty of this gift,
Not only now in the calm stillness,
but as the wrapping falls away
as glorious sunrises turn gray
Revealing deeper shades
Of what is as yet, unknown,
When we struggle and stumble
Or feel misunderstood; alone
When we are weary and worn
Let us not abuse or hold this gift
With impatience or scorn
For this gift you lay before us
Is no free-fall from above
It is a miracle, born of compassion
And bestowed in perfect love

Thank-you God


  1. Janet I'm both delighted and thankful to meet you. Your writing is gift to me today. I've so enjoyed my visit and your poem "Of Things Cursed" really grabbed me. The temptations of life-- I hope to do something in my soul journal using two of your words: slothful mind in the days to come. Makes me all the more aware that I need to buckle my helmet of salvation on my head every day. Thankyou so much for sharing your gift with others! You have blessed me. Lea

  2. Lea,
    I am so happy you stopped by 'porch'. It is so wonderful that we can encourage each other from porches and potting sheds across the world! I will 'see' you soon.
    Thank-you for your words of appreciation and encouragement.


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