Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bottomless Chalice

Image Source:  cartwheelit.wordpress.com

It does not slip softly from our shoulders
Falling like a robe to the floor
It is not like the rushing and rolling breaker
Dissolving as it touches the shore
It runs through our senses, not like wild fingers
Of wind as it ruffles the corn
Yet, disregards fences and wantonly lingers
Where thought tumbles, both keen and forlorn

Deep in the hollow of hidden eclipses
Where hope and fear coalesce
Where love holds closely and yet releases
In simultaneous caress
Here in a twisting and turbulent tide
Or still as a frozen sea
Inexplicable oceans of longing abide
Its source an abstract  mystery

We carry a chalice somewhere deep within
That nothing in this world can fill
A hunger sprouting from the seed of sin
As we bear our share of ill
As we love and laugh and trust and pray
The ache will remain until
Heaven descends to take it away
This void that earth cannot fill

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, This is a beautiful work of poetry, with a stunning photograph.


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