Monday, June 5, 2023

Like a Dead Man Walking...

2 Chron.6:18
Behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain You.

When one lives, indifferent to and unaffected by such a God
as described in the verse above,
such an one is surely like a dead man walking💔😥

wild flowers...just one example of how
our Creator delights to delight us!

May we never live unaffected by our awesome God!

Unrepentant of rebellion, undelighted by God’s word
Unexcited about spending eternity with the Lord
Unattached to wonder’s wellspring surging from the hand of He
Who created earth and heavens with His sovereign ‘let there be’

Unmoved by mercy’s renewal, unawed by redemption’s flood
Unbowed by confounded humble awareness of Holy God
Unchanged by His grace and goodness, untouched by unfailing love
Unpersuaded by the power that can earth and heaven move

Unstirred by the pretty flower, by the songbird’s sanguine trills
By the beauty of a bower lavished with leaf-layered frills
Undevoted to His kindness, undefended by His Shield
Unaffected by thought-blindness unoffended by sin’s yield

Unguarded by angel-armies, untransformed by hope’s pure joy
Inattentive to heart-gardens of innocent girl and boy
Indifferent to the Shepherd, who, without counting the cost
Leaves the fold to search until He gathers the sheep that was lost

Unfamiliar with the Father and faith’s fellowship of prayer
Unappeased by Living Water’s promises beyond compare
Unimpressed by the true riches stored beyond time’s subtle haste
Preferring one that bewitches Want with instant touch and taste

Unaroused by utter worship to the Author of all things
Unamazed and uninspired by blessing each season brings
Unable to see the table that is groaning with a feast
Granted by He who is faithful from the greatest to the least

Unthankful, proud and unholy, unresponsive to the toll
That will strip Self of its boasting, leaving nothing but the Soul
Giving no glory and honor to God for the gift He gave
Living like a dead man walking but to wake up in hell’s grave

© Janet Martin

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