Saturday, June 3, 2023

It's Not Fancy, Love's Commitment

Marriage; that 'till death do us part' commitment
...that 'what God has joined together let no one put asunder' undertaking
...that 'for better or worse' that's bound to try even the starriest eyes 
Marriage; that union no love is ever fully prepared for

Today Jim and I, by the grace of God
 celebrate 35 years of marriage

it's not fancy, love's commitment
keeping kindness on its toes
learning how to be more patient
rather than wield verbal blows
learning to weather together
what could well draw us apart
when differences strain the tether
that has knit us heart to heart 

it's not fancy, love in action
testing more than how one feels
 about the truth of attraction
after first love cools its heels
its a digging in together
so we do not drift apart
in our promise of 'forever'
love; not for the faint of heart

it's not fancy, love's meek glory
tempered by both smile and tear
it's as simple as 'I'm sorry'
**(it's as hard as this, my dear)
it's a bittersweet commitment
bringing out our worst and best
as we stick to the fulfillment
of  vows human natures test

it's not fancy, being faithful
being gentle, being strong
being unselfish and grateful
 helping each other along
following Jesus example
of a sacrificial life
it's not fancy, love's wonder-full
journey as husband and wife 


Janet Martin

As life writes our love stories,
as years fall behind us so swiftly
faithful love of husband and wife reaps a harvest
so worth the effort.
and it's not fancy,
or glamourous,
(for by now we've both too often stumbled
and been soundly humbled) 
until all that is left to exclaim is
'thank-you God' for your faithfulness
making possible ours!
...and through it all we marvel at how love
doesn't look anything like we once envisioned, but the more beautiful
because of its weathering!

When we get to those seasons in marriage when we're sure it's not going to work,
it is vital we pray to God for His faithfulness to see us through,
to help us remain faithful to the vows we made before Him!
Nobody has a successful marriage because it is easy.
Faithfulness happens day by day...

the other day on Ann Voskamp's blog
this beautiful guest post!!

Psalm 25:4
(a good prayer for marriage)
Show me your way, O Lord,
teach me your path.

** and a genuine 'I'm sorry' is not
"I'm sorry that you feel that I should be sorry for something
that I feel I don't need to be sorry for!!"😅

One of my fav love songs!


  1. Hey Janet
    Beautiful . Ever beautiful. Marvellous dear. God bless you all ! Happy wedding anniversaries !!!

  2. Congratulations! Here's to many more!


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