Wednesday, June 7, 2023

A Collection of Conclusions...

My apologies to early readers.
I didn't get a chance to proof read when I posted it this morning
It's quite a process really, the polishing of a poem
and granddaughter arrived just as I hit 'post'...
So to all the head-scratching as you tried to make sense of it all, thank-you!!😀

Today I turn 57! What??!! Already?! 😂💗🙏

I enjoyed the pleasure of this line in today's poem, yesterday💝
'A cuppa-tea is priceless when it comes with friends besides'

(...and to each friend on these photos, I am asking forgiveness instead of permission😅)
(a very special day. thank-you!💗)

I’ve come to the conclusion as the years accumulate
And we collect past’s landscapes in the hollow of the heart
That each day is fresh-laden with mercies to celebrate
Where we are always in the midst of love’s fresh works of art
And always, by God’s grace placed where He fits us for the part

I’ve come to the conclusion, contemplating life’s return
That being kind and patient is the best that we can do
For we all share in common the hurdles of live-and-learn
And we all need a helping hand to see us gently through
Where life’s fumbles and stumbles serve to humble me and you

I’ve come to the conclusion in the rise and fall of days
To dwell on grand illusions of happiness is to miss
The music of a very present harmony/melody that plays
Where voices touch and fade, where hellos harbour farewell’s kiss
Where none of us can keep for long the song simply called This

I’ve come to the conclusion as seasons cartwheel through clocks
That we cannot afford to waste the touch-and-taste time grants
Where the voice that speaks clearest is spoken in how one walks
Where every day runs rife with mercy’s Here’s-a-brand-new-chance
To love; now is that not enough to make us sing and dance

I’ve come to the conclusion that, for all that money buys
The way we expend moments is of greater benefit
A cuppa-tea is priceless when it comes with friends besides
And flowers brought to bedsides bloom best if we sit a bit
I’ve come to the conclusion life is what we make of it

We must choose joy or despair will crush us; we must choose hope
We must be willing to be willing to take change-of-plan-detours
And dream with meek awareness that God ordains yes and nope
And pay holy attention to the harvest death secures
(for everyone will meet He whose justice and love endures)

I’ve come to the conclusion that the tighter that we cling
To what no one can keep, is a futile struggle indeed
But rather every morning at God’s bedside knee, first bring
Life’s praise and sorrows to Him; there He restores the soul’s need
And helps us as we embark with Handful of Moment-seed

I've come to the conclusion (because we reap what we sow)
The older that I get, the more I am utterly awed
By morning's renewed mercy from the One who loves me so
Enough to keep on teaching me to trust His staff and rod 
And grandly glimpse with every breath, the smiling face of God  

© Janet Martin

To You, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
2 O my God, I trust in You;
Let me not be ashamed;
Let not my enemies triumph over me.
3 Indeed, let no one who [a]waits on You be ashamed;
Let those be ashamed who deal treacherously without cause.

4 Show me Your ways, O Lord;
Teach me Your paths.
5 Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God of my salvation;
On You I wait all the day.

6 Remember, O Lord, Your tender mercies and Your lovingkindnesses,
For they are from of old.
7 Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions;
According to Your mercy remember me,
For Your goodness’ sake, O Lord.

8 Good and upright is the Lord;
Therefore He teaches sinners in the way.
9 The humble He guides in justice,
And the humble He teaches His way.
10 All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth,
To such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.
11 For Your name’s sake, O Lord,
Pardon my iniquity, for it is great.


  1. Happy birthday, dear Janet! From the pics, you enjoyed some lovely moments in your day. The cake looks yummy!

    I especially love these lines from your beautiful poem, of which there are many other wonderful lines:

    "That being kind and patient is the best that we can do
    For we all share in common the hurdles of live-and-learn..."

    It's the best thing we can do.

    Wishing you a beautiful year ahead.
    Sending love and heart hugs,
    Brenda xo

    1. Dear Brenda,
      thank-you so much for your beautiful wishes and for being among one of my life's cherished blessings! It was a beautiful day!


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