Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Lord, When I Think About Your Love or Awed Impetus


Lord, when I think about Your love
And what it bid of You
May it revive awed impetus
To be faithful and true
Thou, King of kings and Lord of lords
Author of earth and sky
Led like a lamb ‘neath slaughter’s swords
On a cross lifted high

Lord, when I think about Your Son
Who died so I could live
Who, during His crucifixion
Cried out, ‘Father, forgive’
I pray that Your love would pour through
My redeemed edifice
To amaze, humble and renew
Devotion’s impetus

Lord, when I think about Your love
The Lamb that took my place
I cannot comprehend the trove
The spills grace upon grace
Or the breadth of Thy treasury
From which mercies abound
To satisfy each earthly plea
With purpose heaven-crowned

Lord, when I think about your love
Words fail to intercede
Redemption’s ‘Infinite Enough’
Supplies infinite need
Where blood drenched altars made of stone
Could never satisfy
What only Christ’s blood could atone
The sins of you and I

Lord, when I think about the breath
That rent the temple's veil
And broke the curse that authored death
All other wonders pale
The love that frees, and bought for us
Not punishment, but Prize
The blood of Jesus wrought for us
The right to Paradise

Lord, when I think of who You sent
Spite’s sword falls from my hand
Redemption seals a covenant
I cannot understand
You gave Your Son to take my place
Though You know me full well
Still, I receive grace upon grace
Instead of death and hell

© Janet Martin

John 1:16-17
From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.
 17For the law was given through Moses;
 grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. 

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