Tuesday, February 7, 2023

A Sweet Endeavor

However God has gifted each of us, may our desire be to
use the gift to bring before Him an offering of praise;
 'a sweet aroma to the Lord!'
a phrase repeated over and over into today's scripture reading...
...a sweet aroma to the Lord
Lev. 1:9,13,17, Lev.2:2, Lev.3:5,16

(as sweet as two little girls having a tea-party💖)

This flight that fuels greeting and farewell will soon adjourn
The sightlines of Today soon snuffed as Time is borne away
Then in the light of this, as we weather life’s twist and turn
May we yearn all the more to trust the Giver of today
Whose mercy, new each morning is sufficient, come what may

Rouses in some a solemn sense of Matthew twenty-four
Earth’s stage is set for prophecy’s fulfillment to unfold
The wage awaiting one and all is pounding on a door
Like storm-charged surf resounding as it seethes against time’s shore

This beckoning-before-The-Reckoning, kindles dawn’s flare
Where deception and rejection thrive like a vile disease
As promotions of ignorance, like oceans of despair
Roll over sin-seared consciences with terrifying ease
As if each moment does not groan with God’s atoning pleas

This gift, this gracious gift granted by God’s grace, kind and good
And truth that does not shift and love no knowledge can explain
Is worth the whys and wherefores of mercy misunderstood
God’s word assures believers that our faith is not in vain
(though not all who say ‘Lord, Lord’ will Heaven’s reward attain)

…but those who do the will of God, who trust Him and obey
Whose offering of praise is a sweet-smelling sacrifice
Though scoffers scoff, fooled by the serpent’s ‘did God really say?’
High minded and unholy in thinking darkened by vice

Oho, this flight that fuels greeting and farewell is swift
Its sightlines tune a volatile vista of numbered days
Thus, in the light of this may we embrace its fleeting gift
And never handle thoughtlessly that which ought to amaze
And fill every endeavor with sweet offerings of praise

© Janet Martin

tea-party cleanup!

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