Monday, January 30, 2023

Because Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

Originally I entitled this poem
Sermon to Poets and Silver-tongued Scribes
but that felt a bit harsh 
and its connotation a bit off the mark
so I changed it😅

(all that to say, words ring hollow
without rubber-meets-road corroboration!)

Bit of satire to self today, as well as
all of us struggling with easier talked than walked!
Below, is a glimpse of the scenery of general muddled mayhem 
of many hours of mental workouts,
frustrated/vexed scribbles 
and mumbled prayer-stumble!!
Yet all of this can never take the place of
a single step to aid/accompany a fellow-traveler! 
(lest I/we forget)

My hope is that here and there a poem hits home 
like a hug that needs no explanation
and an act of kindness tendered in ink!

I’d take a stumbling sermon lived
Over a smooth rehearsal, talked
And if I had to choose a gift
I’d take mercy’s second mile, walked
I’d take the ink of honest toil
Over spouted theology
And if I had to choose love’s spoil
I’d take a friendly cup of tea

I’d take the smallest gentle deed
Above intent, pious and grand
And if I had to choose my need
I’d take an earnest helping hand
The pen, though mightier than sword
Is not a supple substitute
For living out God’s Holy Word
Until the branch is bent with fruit

Sermons are not misunderstood
When preached in meek obedience
Better than pulpits carved of wood
Are stepping stones of reverence
And in the thick and thin of cost
Midst love’s ado of This and That
Better a kindness-buoy tossed
Than a poetic lariat

The fine art of rhythm and rhyme
Can kindle senses with delight
But cannot take the place of Time
Spent on knees in the dead of night
And, lest words miss the sacred mark
Of pure religion undefiled
Better prayer’s closet in the dark
Than podiums where crowds go wild

© Janet Martin

Little children, let us not love in word or talk
but in deed and in truth.

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