Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Thoughts on Choice and Circumstance...

We cannot always choose the hues
Of living’s tapestry
But it is up to us to use
Each color carefully

The high and low of joy and woe
We often must admit
Is not so much the status quo
As what we make of it

Each gifted day soon fades away
The gold and gray thereof
When woven through our do and say
Proves who and what we love


We ought not to fret when what we get
Is not what choice decreed
God will provide, not for our pride
But for our humble need

The more we get of what we want
The more we soon forget
The One we ought to depend on
No matter what life’s Let

Most oft the thing we would not choose
Becomes the medium that proves
In our response to circumstance
If we believe in God or chance

Our choice to circumstance will shape
The scenes in memory’s landscape
Then help us Lord, in every quest
To remember where choice will rest

Time is of the essence
An essence none can see
Save in the constant presence
Where choice shapes history

When temptation would turn our eyes
From wisdom and discretion’s prize
Lord, as we contemplate its choice
Help us to heed Your still, small Voice
Lest, alas, we look back too late
As consequence swings wide its gate

Be careful what you do
Be careful what you say
To see this conquest through
Be prayerful every day

Joy, a kin to sorrow
Sorrow, kin to joy
One without the other cannot be, 
Dear girl and boy 

We can choose to love
But to be loved
We cannot force
Love unreturned
Is possible
Only through love’s Source

Not matter what this day may bring
Or where upon its way we trod
Our choices are the offering
That at day’s end, we bring to God

© Janet Martin


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