Monday, May 8, 2017


For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
Song of Solomon 2:11
Celebrating sunshine today after a cold stretch of rain-rain-rain,
meaning it will be days before we can do more than think about planting!

We live twixt After and Before
Today hinged between Future-Past
Where none return to touch once more
A moment when its ilk is cast

Surrender is a tender sword
How hard the soft slip of time twists
Hellos into heart-banners blurred
Like landscapes swathed in summer mists

And we, subjects of creature-choice
Have no choice but to bear the tide
That courses though us without voice
And leaves us on the other side

(Last two stanzas optional)

…of Nevermore where days of yore
With constant replenishment keep
Our senses keened to where Before
Turns into After while we sleep

Futile to beguile Master Clock
Or fret for fragments scattered where
The aftermath of tick and tock
Drifts through thought-scapes of painted stare

© Janet Martin


  1. Yes finally the sunshine today and lovely poem!

    1. Thank-you:)don't you just love sunshine yellow after a long stretch of rain-gray?!


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