Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Heralding May

There's an air of festivity in these parts today; the first truly warm day of the season!

Gold laughter spills across yon hills and down each lusty lane
The whisper of earth's newborn loveliness sighs beneath blue
In maple-trees green melodies of summer surge again
As memories-in-waiting wait to become dreams come true

Morn-silence like a megaphone rings with spring's promised prize
The poetry of pink and purple petals awes the bard
Where, with pen poised to snare the voice of Poem in disguise
She cannot, with mere jot capture wonder, once winter-scarred

The broken bowl of Bygone brims with blossom-hymns and such
And everyone is welcome to blue-welkin balladry
To sup on new day's grand buffet and revel 'neath the touch
Of jonquil-tinted Brigadoon and jasmine-minted tea

Grace grins, a breath-soft butterfly-like flutter of first leaf
Where Mother Nature's sheaf is refurbished with girls and boys
Bedecked in flowered dresses and tresses of feathered wreath
And numberless nuances heralding creation's joys

Janet Martin



  1. Word Wizardry adds wonder to your words

    1. :) thank-you so much for your kind words and for reading!


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