Monday, May 22, 2017

Love's Vows (a Wedding Poem)

We attended our nephew's wedding on Saturday. 
A wedding is always a good time to be reminded and reflect on vows we made on our own wedding day,
however recently or not we vowed them...
God bless, guard and keep the sacredness of marriage true and strong!

Once you were strangers and far, far apart
Now and forever love binds heart to heart
Shoulder to shoulder, through life’s worst or best
Love’s vows unbroken will triumph each test

Nothing on earth can undo what is done
Solemn the vows that meld two into one
Tethered forever to weather what waits
Love’s vows unite two hearts into soulmates

Cherish with honor these words that you say
Defend the promises you make today
Always remember in life’s push and pull
Love’s vows once spoken, nothing can annul

God bless with happiness, these ties that bind
Keeping, through His love, this love true and kind
For, from this day forward, while God grants your life
Love’s vows have sealed you as husband and wife

© Janet Martin


  1. So true and beautiful.

    1. thank-you:) this is the sort of inspiration i was wishing for when I signed their card but it just wouldn't the air was quiet and relaxed. Maybe I'll send it to them still.


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