Friday, March 17, 2017

Of Holds

 Thank-you Lord, for common toil's backdrop...
After a few months of mostly gray mornings we re-appreciate time's gate of universal gold...

The backdrop of life’s toil and spoil
Is metered, gold with gray
The fabric of earth’s season-glove
Oft steals our breath away

This hope-filled haze that metes out days
Of wonderment and woe
Bolsters love’s ache of give and take
hold precedes letting go

We hold the dream that holds the gleam
That folds from Whence to Thence
We hold the child before Want’s wild
Wind echoes recompense

We hold the thought that turns to ought
That turns to word and deed
We hold the root that holds the fruit
That holds another seed

We hold the tool that tries the fool
But hones the wise man’s goal
We hold the frame that holds the flame
Of the eternal soul

We hold the day where gold and gray
When its fortune is spilled
Returns to ash beneath the dash
And splash of footsteps stilled

© Janet Martin


  1. Enchanting word play filled with so much more. (not to mention that great ending)

    1. ;) Martin, thank-you, as always for reading and for your kind words of affirmation!


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