Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For Who and What...

Sometimes replies are choices due to circumstance;
at other times circumstance due to choices

Love the best you can each day
Choice’s procreation
Never really goes away
There is no evasion
From the culmination of
Who and what we choose to love

Serve the best you can each day
Soon our Lord and Master
Will reward us with our pay
Blessing or disaster
Life is like a learning curve
Filled with who and what we serve

Live each day the best you can
From its slip and stumble
We can choose to try again
Or to quit and grumble
Soon the fruit of choice will give
Proof for who and what we live

© Janet Martin


  1. Very wise words. I have served. The Lord has already blessed me.

    1. so, so good when we recognize blessing! thank-you! I have had taste of both blessing and disaster...


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