Friday, March 31, 2017

The Grand Scheme

 What we do may never 'make history' yet
all we do makes history!

In the Grand Scheme of hope and dream
And wonder and despair
We often fight that which seems trite
To get from Here to There

From Here to There; a merge of care
And freedom juxtaposed
Where rivalry of touch and see
Vies with the undisclosed

The undisclosed is soon exposed
In unexpected ways
Reminding us to cherish thus
Life’s ordinary days

Life’s ordinary days amaze
Us with their deft demise
Where the Grand Scheme of hope and dream
Replenishes goodbyes

© Janet Martin

'Remember when the kiwi fell in your coffee?' asked little Luke as we munch on muffins and laugh over the the memory on an extremely ordinary day...

 Wishing for you an extremely ordinary Friday;-)

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  1. More than just a good poem. My daughter loved the kitchen. Her dreams were encouraged and fostered. She is now a big time chef.


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