Friday, March 10, 2017

On Remembering Who We Are

Pride goes before a face-plant; ah, its muddy grant we earn
When we choose lust instead of love it yields a sure return
Though, for a while we smile and swing our small world like a toy
Pride goes before a fall as sure as sorrow follows joy

Pride's willful want wails louder than the quietness of trust
And we are oh, so skillful at the cunning art of lust
Where sight distracts us from the right and wrong of what we choose
Before the bitter taste of prideful haste renders its dues

We are not gods; though often we forget until we sit
In the mud-puddle of regret and repent for a bit
Then we remember who we are, not by merit or laud
But simply by the mercies of a kind and loving God

© Janet Martin


  1. "swing our small world like a toy..." I am loving this image. That is what we do, isn't it?

  2. This poem is really educative and edifying.True love will help us overcome lust and pride.Thanks Janet Martin for this wonderful piece.Shalom!

    1. Thank-you Benjy, for your kind wisdom. Yes, true love is the only over-comer! The greatest command and the second greatest fully capture the whole law of life!

  3. Good reflection

  4. Landing feet up with skis lends extra reflecting time! ;-))


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