Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Heaven's Hallelujah Hymn

‘Neath the baton of His Lordship
Chords of coral glory flare
Drawing weariness to worship
He whose wonder wows our stare

Hark, what striking composition
Spills to hills and rills of sod
Time, caught in sacred transition
Hails the majesty of God

Violet and copper vibrato
Melts from violins rose-gold
Sight is bright when glimpsing God, oh
We bow, awed on hope’s threshold

Flawless harmonies; dusk’s chorus
Builds in body ethereal
Soulful symphony immerses
Heaven and earth in its swell

Hearts and heights are set a-fire
Twilight’s Hallelujah Hymn
Transfixes eyes to God’s choir
Until the last note grows dim

© Janet Martin

The above photos were westward...
Below is Northward, Eastward, South-eastward and Southward!


  1. Oh for the words to describe the splendor of that sky. That first photo struck me speechless.

  2. I think there's a reason God's handiwork like this leaves us speechless except maybe to cry like David, 'what is man that thou art mindful of him?!'

    It was incredible!

    1. this poem is an anemic attempt to give expression to something of the wonder, and a humble hymn of worship to He who grants such awesomeness!

  3. Beautiful words for beautiful images.


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