Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Beauty and the Feast

Due to a lapse in winter's usual habits, March strolls in with a great head-start on her to-do list
and no one is complaining (except perhaps skiers and snowmobilers:)
Of course, we Canadians know better than to get ahead of our garden-dreams just yet!
So, let's enjoy what we have while we have it. Happy, happy March!

March marches over mute meadows
Stiff-starched wind-maids meet her rouse
Shooing Winter from the shadows
On the north side of the house
Time to unveil hidden treasure
Time to tease first buds to song
Time to tickle golden pleasure
From a sun too cold, too long

Cattail coats cling to frayed tassels
Woodlands wait for whispered green
But March is a minx, a rascal
One day warm, the next day mean
She, like a vexatious vixen
Triggers Old Man Winter’s fire
March will always be his victim
Bearing the brunt of his ire

Thus, with burly bluff and bluster
He returns with gales in tow
Unleashing all he can muster
To snuff her sanguine hello
Loud, he roars across the pasture
Proud, he throws a tantrum wild
But hark! He is snared by laughter
Like that of mother to child

Tut! Tut! She chides his defiance
No good to rebel, my dear
None of us can sway the science
Ordained in time’s season-sphere
Then she kisses him with showers
Nature’s Beauty and the Beast
On a battleground of flowers
Breaks the spell that wakes earth’s feast

© Janet Martin


  1. Lovely poem, Janet!

    We've had zero winter. My poor son kept a white crayon on the windowsill, wore PJs inside out, put spoons under his pillow...snow never came. And now we're having this weird weather when it's very warm like today, and below freezing, and perhaps even a bit of snow by Friday.

    I've been agonizing over trimming bushes: I want to do it while they're still dormant, but would rather wait till after the possible frost has passed..I hope they'll stay dormant for a couple more days, but it's so warm today, they might not want to wait any longer..

    1. Hi Sasha and Thank-you,

      When a season doesn't do its intended thing its really confuses nature, doesn't it?!
      My sympathies to your son! Nothing quite like a kid and snow! We've had a constant ebb and flow of cold/snow to mild/rain resulting in a long cold/flu season. I'm on a rerun of that horrible cold I had in January. :(

      I don't know what I would do about trimming because March can be SO unpredictable, but on the upside, isn't it grand to be discussing gardening?:)

    2. So sorry you're under the weather, get well soon! I had a flu that knocked me out for quite a while, no fun to be sick..
      Did the trimming. We'll see if the bushes come back stronger, or..not come back at all. They were in a bad shape, all tangled up, overgrown. If they don't come back, perhaps it's time for a change -- planting something new in their place. Cannot believe it's already spring!

    3. Thank-you for the get-well wishes. I appreciate them. I just asked a pharmacist if there is anything i can take to hurry it along and she smiled and said ...'it's a cold. If there was something like that out there it would be a well-known best-seller'.

      Your spring arrives a little earlier than ours, but yes! It's so hard to believe we are on its threshold. Good luck with the bushes. the nice thing about gardening is a dead plant makes room for something new:)(whther we wanted it or not!)

  2. Well composed story/poem.


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