Saturday, June 11, 2016

Picnic at the Park

Background music of shriek-laughter-chatter
Maple umbrellas invite passer-by
The sky is like a giant blue platter
Serving up sunshine and soft, dreamy sigh

Time is a thing to be kindly forgotten
Spread out a quilt, picnic basket and book
Be a small part of this world full of children
Tommy, take turns now, and Susie, don’t push

Bird-song and wind-song and brook-song, ah, beauty
Nature’s best minstrels perform tirelessly
Teasing our minds from time’s incessant duty
Wakening wonder where wishes would be

We are never too old to be young-ish
Let’s, you and I, linger until it is dark
For life is too short to be too old for picnics
Or peanut-butter sandwiches at the park

© Janet Martin

When I read this line ' Several weeks ago some of us met one of our blogging friends Rosella for a picnic in the park' found here, it immediately sparked a mood for a picnic in the park. 
Maybe tomorrow;-)?

Happy Saturday to you all!

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