Monday, June 20, 2016

Far-off Shores

 Soaking in the silver silence of time's newest triumph...
at least, trying to, in between the escalating traffic-tempest

It is still,
Save for the trill of bird
And the blurred beginnings
Of another day
Filling crook and curve

Where silver-soft, aloft
Over croft,
City-scape and sea
The robe of dreamland’s lea
Is doffed

And into dawn’s saffron ilk
The traffic roars,
Severing the silk of silence
Like night shorn
From far-off shores

© Janet Martin


  1. What beautiful alliteration and internal and end rhyme! I so admire your craftsmanship, Janet. Thank you for sharing your work~

    1. You are always a sweet encourage-r..thank-you for this after what-a-day!!


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