Friday, June 24, 2016

A Little-Life Reminder

If we are blessed with people to love then life is busy...thank God for it!
Let's NEVER be too busy to miss life or God.

Below, a glimpse of the last 24 hrs. of beautiful busyness! 

Highlights;Victoria's last day of Grade nine.
The deck is finally stained!
The bags of dried beans I got a while ago are cooked and cooling!
...oh, and yummy cinnamon buns.  ( I hope to share that recipe soon. it's quick and easy!)
I could go on but I won't bore you with how the coffee maker died(A serious OH-NO) in this house,
but the hardware store 2 min. up the road opens at 7:00 a.m yay!!!
The tea I set beside my bed last night to cool is.... well...well-cooled:) 
... I woke up with my face tucked between the pages of Nehemiah.

Take the time to make the time
To live with hope and cheer
To tell someone you love them,
Take the time to hold them near

Toil and spoil thereof, my love
Will always clamor, oh,
The road to graves is paved with slaves
To this worlds wants and woe

Then make the time to take the time
To slow your feet, kneel, pray
Thank the Lord above
For His kind love to lead the way

...and pause to praise his handiwork
And gaze with humble awe
At evidences of His presence
Tuning Time’s tried law

 …and never be too taken here
With Worry’s endless strife
Because the time we take, my dear
Is what will make our life

© Janet Martin

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