Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Or Less...

The older I get sometimes it seems
That what I thought I knew
Plays tricks on me and I am quite
Uncertain what to do

So when somebody asks me, 'if-
What-how-why, tell me, oh'
I find it safest to reply
I really just don’t know

..because the more birthdays I get
The less the years have cleared
And all my answers patented
In youth have disappeared

For what I thought was not, is so
And what I thought so, not
And all the rest I must confess
It seems I've quite forgot

© Janet Martin


  1. Hi Janet, I noticed you were over at Dayle's earlier. I just left a comment there and this verse you write about here is what I was referring to there. Cool! How wonderful to find it here too.

    Wishing you a beautiful day and may you find the joy as you gather thoughts and memories in anticipation of a new birthday.

    Sending loving hugs,

    1. thank-you so much, Brenda! that is SO cool how out of all the verses we were drawn to the same one today!

  2. I concur, with a smile! I say, "I don't know" all the time--and I'm ok with that ;-)

    Love that verse--quite encouraging!

    1. when in doubt...a favourite verse!

      I remember my dad saying often, 'the older I get the less I know' shaking his head as he said it.

      I'm okay with not knowing... most of the time ;-)


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