Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Not Learned In Books

Love’s knife of disappointment rends
With unexpected ease
And life can pack a sucker-punch
That knocks us to our knees
The heart, though beating can be crushed
Or torn apart within
The art of learning, never rushed
In worlds beneath our skin

Love’s lessons are not taught in books
No prescript rules to naught
The law whereby we undertook
Its pleasures without thought
Still, we are never quite prepared
For what we did not know
Where, given time few, few are spared
Love’s subtle, cruel blow

We are a breed of common need
The greed of who we are
Is subject to the bitter seed
Of hunger’s holy war
God, help us, heal us from the hurt
Where love would be in vain
If we could not brush off its dirt
And try, try, try again

© Janet Martin

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  1. This brought me to tears, Janet. I needed to read this today~


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