Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time's Maternal Touch

We come to expect and find comfort in the sameness of season-traits in an ever-changing world...

With kind, maternal ease Time tucks the earth
‘Neath leafless trees; with mem’ries slumber-kissed
She draws a star-spun quilt across a girth
Where centuries dissolve like morning mist

Despite its tides of change, Time’s changeless way
Keeps with sound comfort, a world otherwise strange
We, on the breadth of history’s cold clay
Become familiar with the exchange

…of seasons; from the window-scape of years
We peer and welcome home like family
Its sameness that our hungry thought reveres
Where nothing is quite like it used to be

Moments moil forth, toil, mirth like roiling seas
Winnow with steady ease, prizes we clutch
While we turn eyes toward skeletal trees
Clawing the skies ‘neath Time’s maternal touch

© Janet Martin

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