Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Near the New Year...

I’d like to think I learned a thing
Or two when this year soundless falls
Into the urn of no return
I’d like to think its battered walls
Were not scribbled and scarred for naught
I’d like to think anew old thoughts
That one year prior I begot
Where now the heart and head recalls
The pitfalls and pinnacles oh,
That shaped this cape that draped the air
With mystery, 
now history
I’d like to breathe 
a little prayer
Of holy, 
humble gratitude
For mercy’s gift; 
a year renewed
Upon the shore of yore subdued
...I’d like to touch this moment where
We pause upon the brink of what?
We cannot know, but simply trust
The love of God that thus far brought
Us here remains faithful and just
As step by step and day by day
We live-laugh-love-work-hope and pray
Knowing that in each come-what-may
The God of old abides with us

© Janet Martin

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