Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Then as the mist began to fade I realized a miracle was happening right before my eyes or,
beneath my feet!...a frosty fringe on everything! I knelt, as if on holy ground to kiss the Creator's feet...
These are six of approx. 200 photos I took this morning, because when you point the lens at God's handiwork every shot is perfect!

The sky unravels like a prize
Above a land of gaping sighs
We traipse its wonderment with eyes
Knowing we witness but a gasp
Of Who or How or What God is
To we, the darlings of His kiss
Where we plunder fortunes of mist
To find Something to clasp

The land is like a marvel-scape
It flaunts nature’s four-season cape
And while That Thing of Years takes shape
We fumble with Time’s readiness
Adjusting plans, mustering prayers
Adding or else subtracting chairs
As Birth and Death startles our stares
And jolts us to keen Awareness

We, stitch of skin that clothes The Soul
That binds us to an Awesome Whole
While seasons roll and eons toll
Reiterate the What and Why
It pours unstoppered through our gaze
From Mercy’s heavenly freeways
We grapple with earth’s girth of days
Hinged to the dirt hinged to the sky

...that unravels like heaven’s prize
Anemic glimpse of paradise
Waiting beyond our hoarded whys
Forevermore; ah, what a word
Then we will meet God; who for This
Lavished us with creation’s bliss
As a foretaste of Who He Is
The King of kings and Lord of lords

© Janet Martin

just a few more, I can't resist.


  1. Your photos and poetry match so perfectly. Both touch my heart!

    1. Thank-you Monica. Your words touch mine:)
      We had this unbelievably mild cheery day after a super-DREARY one on the 1st of Dec. so I postponed a few chores just because I couldn't bear to waste a day like this in-doors!
      Today its back to business with Christmas music and lazily drifting flakes of snow as a back-drop!


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