Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Song-of-Seasons Quilt

And that’s the way life is
A song-of-seasons quilt
Each swatch a patch stitched into place
With scenes that living spilt

The new year to the old
Is seamlessly adhered
The blunder with fresh wonder cast
To triumphs we revered

No rhyme or reason hints
What colors will appear
Or which will dominate the tints
That deftly binds a year

My, how time’s fingers fly
As tear and laughter threads
Are woven into symmetry
Charcoal, bronze, blues with reds

A colorful collage
Of gray to green to gold
The flower-garden dipped in frost
Bashful shades blend with bold heart-string intersect
A tangled testament
For we know none can resurrect
One moment that is spent

Yes, that’s the way life is
From looms of grace-lace spilt
Time takes its This-and-That and makes
A song-of-seasons quilt

© Janet Martin

My sincere apologies to all but just for fun I 'stitched' the twelve squares together...
What a flashback! What a flash!
What a day yesterday was!

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