Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dear Year...(or, Learning the Art of Good-bye)

Mostly you move me with beauty of duty
Morning-fresh splendor and twilight-plush sigh
You spell the words to my life-story, darling
Mostly with hugs of hello and good-bye
My, how the eye is a cup holding rivers
My, how the heart cradles what Past endears
Mostly you move me with common anointing
Where tick-tock offspring shapes Time into years

Mostly you move me with measure of moments
Who knew a lifetime could fit into this?
Hand-holding, foot-slipping, laughter-tear treasure
Learning the art of your double-edged kiss
Tell me again where you go and how, darling
Did we not meet just a short while or so?
Yet you are poised for eternal departing
My heart whispers ‘stay’ while Edict orders ‘go

Mostly you move me with love’s longing sorrow
My, how tomorrow overtakes today
Moving the meter of ‘Time left remaining’
Near, ever nearer to that Far Away
Hold me close, darling, before you must journey
Into that land from which none can return
Mostly you move me with unuttered yearning
For that which somehow I cannot quite learn

© Janet Martin

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