Saturday, December 12, 2015

December Dusk...

Dusk's vivid colors caught my eye while I was cleaning the upstairs before supper.
(We are blessed with beautiful, autumn-like weather here...gorgeous, unless, like Victoria you are pl-e-e-e-a-ding and hoping for snow:)

Gold ravishes the countryside
Prelude to blue nocturnal tide
Where shadows reach, lanky and gray
Before night washes them away

The barge that bore the afternoon
Is moored beneath a breath of moon
How friendly is the dying day
A rushing, hushing interplay

Subtle, dusk’s deeper shades begin
Like wave-swells when the tide comes in
Soundless its surge splurges until
It swallows up the field and hill

...and suddenly the earth is bare
Wrapped in a cloth of velvet air
Where star-gazers with pensive sighs
Ponder the haste of Time’s demise

© Janet Martin

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