Monday, December 14, 2015

Friendlier Somehow

As we were sitting down to supper suddenly it was lights out... 
The gale had blown down a hydro wire was a warm candle-light,
easy-going scrabble and soft laughter evening

A cold rain pelts the windowpane
The waning afternoon a train
Thundering through the stricken arc
Of tree limbs, hungry, stiff and stark
Where suddenly the fireside
Is friendlier at eventide

The tempest tugs the dark beneath
The bullied edge of hill and heath
As lights of home beam like a smile
Through gales raging, vexatious, vile
Where suddenly each face we see
Is love’s coveted luxury

For home is friendlier somehow
When dark is deep and wild winds howl
And we are more blessed than we thought
With hands to hold, soup in a pot
And while we list to tempests blow
Home’s friendliness humbles us so

© Janet Martin

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