Saturday, January 5, 2019


Oh, the things we do for house and home,
because a house is the box that holds family and friends
and all the nice winter book and tea memories (if one can stay awake)

Flood update; no concrete evidence as to 'why' but we have the best guys on the job

and they figured out what to do to keep it from ever happening again, hopefully!

and because of this 'event' something to enjoy this winter...
planning a complete over-haul of the west and south-side flower-gardens!


Its scenes enchant the heart and mind
To cheer our creature care
It fuels Duty’s daily grind
With humble, thankful prayer

It nurtures diligence and dreams
A haven, kind and warm
When life is harsh and cold it beams
Its Beacon through the storm

Far more than a four wall embrace
Enfolds its precious clan
Where progress will never replace
This kind solace for man

A modest box of brick-wood-stone
It frames life’s dearest joys
As we work fingers to the bone
For darling girls and boys

And mother plants a bloom or two
To smile upon the sill
And fills a bowl with supper stew
To ward off hunger’s chill

And finds within its scenes the lines
To living’s sweetest poem
Where family, not house defines
The happiness of home

(…and though its thrills oft come with bills
That keeps the cash-cow thin
Nothing else in the world fulfills
Like Home-sweet-home’s glad grin)

© Janet Martin

When we were traveling this fall I remarked to Jim as we were having the continental breakfast in the motel how everyone in the room has one thing in common; we are all away from home.
Home is always that sweet-solace-goal no matter where we are
and how much we love what we are doing!
The thought that home waits at the other end when we are done is what makes it so worthwhile.
A nice metaphor for Heaven, isn't it, as we travel through life.
Home is waiting when we are done!

This is one of my favourite hymns

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