Friday, January 18, 2019

Our God Is An Awesome God!

Author of sky and sea and sod
Our God is an awesome God
Worshipers hail Him and applaud
Our God is an awesome God
No one can thwart His will or plan
Beneath His Power, what is man?
Our God is Righteousness and peace
His Government will never cease
On Him trust's confidence relies
To Him the humble sinner cries
Through Him Redemption's price is paid
By Him the world's foundation laid 
For Him the fields of flowers bloom
With Him there is no fear of doom
His visage greater than Time's scope
His Promises secure man's hope
His Bearing who can comprehend?
He has no beginning or end 
He is not mocked, He will prevail
His Word is Truth and will not fail
Author of love, He is no fraud
Our God is an Awesome God

 © Janet Martin

© Janet Martin

A glimpse of Who God IS

want more?

900 names and titles of God 
(I found this site after doing this personal study on some attributes/names of God and realized this barely skims the surface!)

What a mighty God we are called to serve!

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